Guard Pro II

Riley and Co, Inc. new Guard Pro II offers a remote control and maintenance solution which allows you to create a decentralized system or monitor and control devices.

In large systems, where many alarms or status messages are monitored centrally from diverse field monitors, Guard Pro II ability to send e-mail notifications provides an optimal solution.

The software is clearly designed and simple to understand which makes the Guard Pro II easy to set-up. The Guard Pro iI can also be configured online after it has been installed and commissioned. It is also possible to update the firmware over the internet.

  • Changes to the eight digital (24 V DC) / analogue (0 to 10 V) inputs can be notified via SMS text message, e-mail or both. The digital outputs can be controlled via SMS text message.
  • The user can read log files of the inputs. This allows a user to get a clear overview of the situation and optimise a process for improved efficiency when needed.
  • The Guard Pro II can also be used for transportation sector applications thanks to the wide range of power supply voltages available (10 to 30 V DC).
  • The built-in maintenance free supercap capacitor, enables the Guard Pro II to inform the recipient via an SMS text message in the event of an power failure.