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In addition to providing emergency lift station services, Riley & Company offers preventive maintenance on existing lift stations.

  • Frequencies ranging from Monthly to Annually available
  • Cost is dependent on station location and cleaning frequency
  • Services Performed include:
  • Pressure clean and degrease wetwell interior
  • Clean and degrease each float switch
  • Check amperage draw on each pump
  • Meg each pump to check motor windings
  • Check pump alternation sequence
  • Check float operation sequence
  • Check phase monitor or volt monitor setting
  • Check condition of lightning arrestor
  • Take elapse time meter readings to insure proper pump alternation
  • Check visual and audible alarm
  • Check incoming voltage to control panel
  • Check breakers, fuses, and relays inside control panel
  • Check amperage settings on motor resets
  • Check voltage at terminal block
  • Perform complete station pump down
  • Secure (lock) wetwell, control panel, switch disconnect, and valve box

If you are interested in obtaining a preventative maintenance agreement, please contact us.

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